Why Not Speak English?

Why Not Speak English?

1. When I speak English, I am speaking: An enhanced version of the language used by Shakespeare, Bacon, Edgar Allen Poe, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Johnson, Dorothy Parker, Mark Twain & thousands of other literary masters; The language used by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, & thousands of other successful statesmen; The language used by Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Bell, Henry Ford & thousands of other successful inventors; The language used by philosophers, inventors, scientists, historians, literary greats, statesmen, & NASA explorers; The language of computer hardware & software developers, architects & users.

2. English is the language used in the United States of America for centuries. It is the language that provided communication between people so effectively that they were able to cooperate and build the US of A. Millions of people have died over the centuries defending the US of A. Millions of people have died attempting to emigrate to the US of A. Today millions of legal & illegal immigrants are fighting to stay in the US of A. Why would they not want to speak English? They do not want to join Americans who work hard to build a better America; They only want to work menial jobs for low wages; They do not care about helping their kids succeed; They do not want to be citizens of the USA; They intend to go back to their homelands.

3. How certain are you that unless immigrants learn to speak English in their daily lives and on their jobs, the cohesion, legal system, work ethic, & character of the US will decline over the next decades. Absolutely certain, Certain, It may or may not, I don’t think it will Absolutely not decline.

4. Several factors came together to make the US the most successful nation in history. How much did having the English language as a nearly universal language support building the US? Much, Somewhat, Little.

5. Some people say that speaking English was not important in the building of the US. If you believe that, how would you explain the relative lack of success of Mexico, Central American nations, South American nations and the relative success of Canada, Australia, and England? People of those relatively less successful nations are relatively inferior; People of those relatively more successful nations are relatively superior; English is a language that provides for analyzing, thinking, & expressing thoughts clearly & conceptualizing complex ideas; I will have to think about this.

6. How important is it that US employers direct all employees to speak English among themselves and with customers? Essential, Somewhat essential, or, Should not be required.

7. Successful industrialized nations are capitalistic, democratic, English-speaking societies that are well established. It is up to people who come from other cultures to adjust their behavior accordingly if they expect to gain long-term employment and benefits.

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