Immigration Is…

According to U.S. Census data, nearly 19 million residents are not fluent in English. That is up by several millions since 1990. Nearly 66 million residents are foreign-born. That is up from 24.6 million in 1996.

Why would a person struggle, leave his homeland for America, and then want to bring America down to the poor standards of the nation he emigrated from?  Why wouldn’t he work to upgrade himself to America’s standards?

A visitor to this site posted anonymously about America’s lost culture:

“Assimilation, being civilized, operating with civility, accepting responsibility…?  Each has already vanished.  Any remnants we might perceive day to day are only fragments.  These fragments are being starved.  They will soon decay and drop from the American culture.
The USA has allowed too many not worthy into the fabric of its culture. Then they have been promoted based upon expectations of assimilation and skill potentials. After decades, they have demonstrated their inability to be assimilated and their unworthiness for elevation.
Too many of today’s not worthy are unable to live by rules, regulations, policies, procedures, or laws.
All the while Americans are self involved and distracted by computer games, sports, analysis of their anatomies, driving through red lights and texting in all lower case, that most do not understand what they have and that it is lost.
Never mind that too many parents failed to teach decency and American schools failed to teach literacy — or even the three Rs.”

Another anonymous poster wrote:

“Do politicians pay any attention to this kind of survey at all? I feel they just don’t care. They say what people want to hear when elections come and then forget about everything, and just do as they like while securing their own futures. Also, we have so many brainless party loyalists in this country for politicians to take advantage of.”

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