Why Not Speak English?
Immigration Survey
According to U.S. Census data, nearly 11 million residents are not fluent in English. That is up from 6.6 million in 1990. Nearly 34 million residents are foreign-born. That is up from 24.6 million in 1996.

Why would a person struggle, leave his homeland for America, and then want to bring America down to the poor standards of the nation he emigrated from?  Why wouldn't he work to upgrade himself to America's standards?



This survey reviews motivations and long-term consequences of immigration policies. You are always anonymous at our survey sites. Surveys change and questions are added from time to time. Check back and tell your friends about these survey sites.

A visitor's anonymous comment:
About The Lost American Culture
Assimilation, being civilized, operating with civility, accepting responsibility...?  Each has already vanished.  Any remnants we might perceive day to day are only fragments.  These fragments are being starved.  They will soon decay and drop from the American culture.
The USA has allowed too many not worthy into the fabric of its culture. Then they have been promoted based upon expectations of assimilation and skill potentials. After decades, they have demonstrated their inability to be assimilated and their unworthiness for elevation.
Too many of today's not worthy are unable to live by rules, regulations, policies, procedures, or laws.
All the while Americans are self involved and distracted by computer games, sports, analysis of their anatomies, driving through red lights and texting in all lower case, that most do not understand what they have and that it is lost.
Never mind that too many parents failed to teach decency and American schools failed to teach literacy -- or even the three Rs.

A visitor's anonymous comment:
"Do politicians pay any attention to this kind of survey at all? I feel they just don't care. They say what people want to hear when elections come and then forget about everything, and just do as they like while securing their own futures. Also, we have so many brainless party loyalists in this country for politicians to take advantage of."

Immigration into the United States:
Over the years 1776 - 1965  ---  230,000 per year
Over the years 1925 - 1965  ---  178,000 per year
Over the years 1966 - 1989  ---  507,000 per year
Immigration Road Map
All numbers are from the US Bureau of the Census. The Census Bureau counted residents in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000. It performed a revised projection in 2002. All other years are estimated by the Census Bureau based upon what it learned in the previous census, targeted surveys done each year, and other projection algorithms.

1.  When my family and friends come to my home they are usually: Courteous & neat.
Rude & messy
haven't thought about it.

2.  When I go to my family and friend's homes, I am usually: Courteous & neat.
Rude & messy
haven't thought about it.

3.  When I go to my workplace, I am usually: Courteous, neat & hard working.
Rude, messy
& lazy.
haven't thought about it.

4.  When I travel on business and vacations, I am usually: Courteous, neat & hard working.
Rude, messy & lazy
haven't thought about it.

5.  When friends of a friend come to my home for dinner, I expect them to be:
Courteous & neat.
Rude & messy.
I haven't thought about it.

6.  People who emigrate to the United States from any nation should be expected to:
Learn about our culture.
Obey the law.
Work on an honest job.
Be reasonably patriotic.
Not live on government "entitlements."
I haven't thought about it.

7.  People who emigrate to the United States from any nation may have any or all of the following reasons.
Improving their work opportunities
Improving their families' opportunities
Learning job skills
Earning while working on honest jobs
Working to become a productive citizen of the United States

8. Hispanics are marching in various US cities waving the Mexican and other non-American flags. Hispanic students are walking out of their classrooms to protest their treatment in America and wave their national flags. Please select the question or questions that you would like them to answer.
If they are so proud of their homelands, why do they fight so hard to live in the USA?
Displaying flags of other countries while residing in the US is disrespectful to the US.
If they want to live in the USA, why aren't they proud of the US & assimilate while still keeping their homeland identities?
If they are so proud of their homelands, why don't they return home, work to build it up, & live peacefully there?
The US should allow immigrants -- both illegal & legal -- to march. May I join your march?

9.  Do you believe immigrants should be required to meet at least some of the items in the previous question? Yes, if they want to stay in the US.
No, they can amount to nothing & live on handouts, welfare, and commit crimes if they choose to.

10.  When a person enters the US illegally, his first act within the US is to break the law. If he stays, he is breaking additional laws. Has this law breaking, non-citizen earned the rights and privileges provided to US citizens by the US Constitution? Yes
I do not know.

11.  In 1985, an amnesty program allowed 2-1/2 million illegal immigrants to receive amnesty. A result of that program is that today the US has 11 million illegal immigrants. Are you in favor of another amnesty program being implemented? Yes

12.  On many jobs people need to communicate and interact with their coworkers in order to be productive and do their jobs well. Should being able to speak English be a requirement for getting hired to work in those workplaces?
At a minimum studying English
I haven't thought about it.

13.  Should learning about US democracy and history be required after immigrants enter the US and before they are permitted to stay for more than a year?
Yes, so that they may appreciate their new privileges, rights and responsibilities.
No, that would be too much of a hardship for them.
I haven't thought about it.

14.  US immigration laws, regulations, and procedures were devised and evolved over two centuries. American's perspective was to make immigration reasonably easy and accept new citizens. It was believed that immigrants would bring skills, learn about the US, work hard, and become productive, honest Americans. Please select the portion of today's immigrants who you believe fit this productive pattern.
Less than 1 in 10 -- less than 10%
About one in four -- 25%
About half -- 50%
About 3 out of 4 -- 75%
Over 3 out of 4 -- over 75%
I haven't thought about it.

15.  Do you believe immigrants from different nations adapt differently to living in America? Yes, people are raised differently in different nations & therefore adapt differently in the USA.
No, all people are equally educated, cultured, smart, & skilled.

16. Judging by what I know, I want the Arizona law that will attempt to protect Arizonans from illegal immigrants' illegal behavior to be enforced. Agree

17.  Please select the elements of immigration law that you believe should be required of immigrants.
Prior work skill.
Education above the 5th grade.
Morally clean & disease-free.
No criminal record. (Those seeking political asylum are allowed some exemptions.)
No reform is needed. Immigrants -- even illegal immigrants -- should be allowed to roam free across the US.
I haven't thought about it.

18.  Please select the best description of how you feel about being a citizen of the United States of America.
I am very, very fortunate.
I am fortunate.
I would rather be a citizen of another country.
I am not & would never become a citizen of the USA.
I am not a citizen of the USA.

Arizona, May, 2010
Protestors demand repeal of the law requiring immigrants to be legal -- not illegal.  Protestors call Arizona's law racist.

19.  I am: Female

20.  My age group is: Under 10 11-19 20-29 30-39 40-49
50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90 & over
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